A Comprehensive Guide on Lost and Found Procedure & Policy in Hotels

A Comprehensive Guide on Lost and Found Procedure & Policy in Hotels

To the hospitality industry, positive guest experience involves more than just comfortable rooms and good service. How guests’ perceptions is shaped on the basis of a hotel’s lost and found policy. If the lost and found procedure at the hotel is well conceived and implemented, this can enhance guests’ experience by showing the care with which visitors are handled in the establishment.

Lost & Found Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Example:

  1. Upon discovering a lost item, promptly transport it to the designated lost and found area in hotel.
  2. If authorized to access the designated area, ensure the secure storage of the item using a lock and key.
  3. Record the discovery of the lost item in the hospitality management software, such as STAFF by iNPLASS.
  4. The software will automatically input pertinent details, including the location, guest information, date, and time.
  5. Before storage, place each item in an individual plastic bag.
  6. Safeguard valuable items (e.g., phones, wallets, computers, jewellery) by storing them in a secure locker.
  7. Non-valuable items will be retained in the lost and found in hotels for two months, and if unclaimed, they will be disposed of.
  8. Perishable items, such as food, may be discarded after three days if not claimed.

How Lost Items Are Claimed And Reported In Hotels

A guest reporting and claiming back lost items should be effortless. Most hotels have special hotlines or web forms for reporting lost property items. After submitting such a report, the hotel’s personnel perform cross-checking with the lost and found items in hotels.

Guests seeking to claim for lost items should present sufficient details such as the description of the items, when and where such items were misplaced. So, the original customer will receive his/her property back. Therefore, hotels always specify limited hours of taking lost items with emphasis on quick claiming of such lost items in hotels.

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Lost and Found Policy in Hotels

Steps to Make your Lost and Found Procedure More Efficient

However, hotels place a lot of efforts on having reliable lost and found policies. The process typically involves several key steps:

1. Record the lost and found report

This ensures that they can follow up on every missing item with a detailed and updated report to aid the hotel staff to track them. This organized system works well as items left behind are recovered without hitches once guests make these enquiries.

2. Categorize the items

It simplifies for employees to be able to identify and recover the lost items through categorization. A clear-cut classification simplifies the recovery of everything including clothing, electronics or personal documents.

3. Install CCTV cameras at premises

The surveillance cameras also improve security and help monitor public spaces that guests could lose their items into. Such a proactive attitude makes it impossible to lose any thing.

4. Ensure the room is checked comprehensibly at the exit

Housekeeping staff who are well trained should carry on room check-ups for guests having checked out of their respective hotels. It makes easy identification of lost items for logging.

5. Cross-check with staff once

Hotel staff needs regular interaction. This process of cross-checking information concerning missing goods helps eliminate loopholes in the system.

6. Use technology

The use of technology solutions like inventory management software goes a long way in improving the efficiency of the lost and found process in hotels.

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Best lost and found policy for hotels

Tips For Guests to Avoid Losing their Property

While hotels strive to manage lost and found items efficiently, guests can take proactive steps to prevent the loss of their belongings:

  1. Designate a specific place for valuables: Make sure that you do not leave important things like keys, wallets, mobile phones, etc in places where they can be easily lost.
  2. Double-check before departure: Make sure you scan through your room properly, no matter how many times you may have already done it, just to be safe that nothing is left behind.
  3. Use the hotel safe: Valuables should be stored in safe whenever possible and where it is provided.
  4. Label belongings: Make sure you clearly label your personal items by adding name and contact information which increases recovery chances if lost or misplaced.
  5. Stay organized: Always arrange items inside a suitcase or specified bag.
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Securing a positive guest experience 

The loss and found policy in hotel industry is the hallmark sign of attention paid to guests. Through this, hotels will adopt best lost and found procedure and technology to enhance lost and found operations in hotels.

FAQs on Lost and Found Procedure & Policy in Hotels

  1. How should I deal with an issue where I lose my personal belonging at a hotel?

Inform the hotel lost and found department in hotel through a phone call on the designated hotlines number and/or file an online form if this is not possible.

  1. Can one make claims of lost property in a hotel after check out?

Of course, many hotels have specified hours when the lost property register is open and guests are allowed to go through it searching for misplaced items.

  1. How do I avoid having all my possessions stolen during my stay at the hotel?

Make out a list of essentials where you would keep your valuables, check-up everything prior to hitting the road, utilize hotel safe, tag your belongings & ensure that all are well-organized.

  1. How should a hotel manager handle lost and found items? What is the procedure to handle lost and found items in hotels?

Prepare and preserve a lost and found sheet, categorize articles, CCTVs, search all rooms carefully, compare notes with staff, and use advanced technology.

  1. What are some examples of effective lost and found policy for hotels?

Good lost and found procedure & policies are made up of reports by the organized system, staff training and the application of technology.

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