Enhancing Hospitality Management: A Look at iNPLASS User Feedback

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Enhancing Hospitality Management: A Look at iNPLASS User Feedback

When it comes to hospitality, good communication and handling guests effectively are as important as rapid speed due to the nature of the industry. The guest communication and hotel management solution designed by iNPLASS has been proven to be the widely-acclaimed best over the years by all of its users around the globe. In a recent survey, we have been studying to attain a comprehension of how iNPLASS differs and what new features can be implemented to address the needs of our users.

Introduction to iNPLASS

iNPLASS is an advanced hotel management software that not only enhances guest communication but also helps in staff coordination. 

iNPLASS offers three main solutions: GUEST by iNPLASS, STAFF by iNPLASS, and HOP by iNPLASS, the platform is a unique destination that provides an all-in-one hotel management solution for hotel activities and guest experiences. 

GUEST by iNPLASS can be used by hotel guests and hotel staff to interact easily, allowing for easy inquiries, feedback submission, and access to information via a mobile application that is user friendly. 

STAFF by iNPLASS supports better coordination and efficiency of staff by giving just one platform that includes the functions such as task management, communication and performance tracking. 

Hop by iNPLASS can help hotels in tracking every task in an effective and streamlined manner and ensure better guest experience and serve their customers with excellence.

Hotel Operations Platform by iNPLASS offers a wide range of features and benefits that enable 360 degree view of hotel operations to achieve operational and service excellence. From task tracking to performance assessment, the solution facilitates continuous improvement, leading to better guest experiences and overall success for the hotel.

Positive Feedback Highlights:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Accordingly, 82% of participants consider iNPLASS easy-to-use and user-friendly.The simplicity of the design ensures that staff can be easily trained and work effectively with it. This contributes towards implementing the system seamlessly and guests truly enjoying it.
  2. Effective Communication: 76% of guests say that the iNPLASS’ guest communication tool make their staff and guests more comfortable. To become capable of directly sending and receiving the messages, application requests and notifications over time has indeed helped staff members to communicate with each other and also with the guests. In turn, this has lead to an increase in work efficiency and guests satisfaction
  3. Comprehensive Reporting: 70% indicated the reporting system as one of the most important factors for guest and staff analysis. The iNPLASS reporting functions are an excellent data source to analyze guest inclinations, staff quality, and running processes, which in turn can be used to make relevant decisions regarding the provision of quality facilities and guests’ satisfaction.
  4. Multilingual Support: iNPLASS provides support for 12 major languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese, and Arabic, among others, allowing guests to communicate in their preferred language.
  5. Language Selection: Guests could easily select their preferred language upon accessing the platform, ensuring that all communications, including service icons, notifications, and information, were displayed in their chosen language.
  6. Real-time Translation Feature: The platform integrated a real-time translation feature that translated messages between guests and staff instantly, facilitating clear and effective communication regardless of language.

Future upgrades:

Digital Keys and Web Keys: Web keys are digital keys that allow guests to open hotel doors via a smartphone. Emphasizing digital keys and web keys, we are making all types of integrations to improve guest experience. 

Check-In/Check-Out Process: Easy check-in/check-out processes are in place now with an idea to provide a great experience to one and all. This is an attempt to make the system more user-friendly and better meet users` requirements.

Our Commitment to Improvement:

User-experience is a high priority for us, and we always strive to improve the iNPLASS application in accordance with the user feedback. 

We plan to make all types of integrations that would improve guest experience and provide a seamless journey for guests in the hospitality sector. Keeping the check-in/check-out process simple will benefit the guests and hotel management, as the guests will have a better experience and the hotel operations more organized.

Improve Your Hospitality Operations and Guest Experiences

Do you want to discover the best iNPLASS features for yourself? Book a free demo now and see how iNPLASS can revolutionize hospitality management. Your feedback is highly valuable in helping us to keep on innovating and improving to meet your expectations.

It has been our pleasure to listen to them and we are grateful for their invaluable feedback and endless support. Together, we are reshaping and reimagining the future of hospitality management with iNPLASS.

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