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iNPLASS Hotel Management Solution

is a combination of three close-knit products for guest communication, staff coordination and hotel management. Understanding the many variations and facets of the problem is the first and most crucial tactic that should be adopted when a solution is thought upon. iNPLASS did just that. Research was multi-dimensional and the subsequent result too. Instead of scripting one solution for many problems, iNPLASS designed multiple solutions for different aspects of one major problem. iNPLASS showcases.

This seamless multi-lingual guest communication and hotel operations management platform is designed with three key components:

  • GUEST by iNPLASS (Hotel Guest Management)
  • STAFF by iNPLASS (Staff Collaboration Tool for Hotels)
  • HOP by iNPLASS (Hotel Management Solution)

As the names indicate GUEST by iNPLASS and STAFF by iNPLASS serve the respective group while the web-based application HOP by iNPLASS caters to hotel operations and its management.

GUEST by iNPLASS focuses on simplifying guest management and guest communication routines in hotels. Be it the guest trying to connect to the reception, order food, request minibar refilling, laundry pick up or even for the valet parking. GUEST by iNPLASS is designed to ease out the communication barriers by enabling options for the guest to express his requirements in his own language. Irrespective of the language the request is made, the hotel staff receives the service requests in a language they understand through the STAFF by iNPLASS, completing a full successful circle that ensures total guest satisfaction and hassle-free service by the hotel staff.

STAFF by iNPLASS is truly an innovation in interdepartmental communications in the hospitality industry. This novel idea serves as collaboration tool connecting all departments in the hotel as well as the guests with hotel staff directly, who is on duty of the particular department that is assigned for the task. STAFF by iNPLASS helps hotel staff to receive any guest requests directly to them even if they’re not in their seats or not even in the hotel premises. The request directly reaches the duty staff’s mobile notification bar.

HOP by iNPLASS, the backbone of iNPLASS hospitality solution is a cloud-based web application that tracks the guest requests and staff activities in an interactive portal. It tracks the Guest requests closely and monitors progress of the service by staff. HOP by iNPLASS has built-in service scheduler to escalate pending / overdue guest requests and triggers push notifications and alerts the higher-level officials. This integrated platform provides the Hotel Management with data to assess their staff performance and to take appropriate action. Being in the loop here helps the management ensure smooth operation of the hotel and that quality service is delivered to the Hotel Guest on-time, every time. The management can happily follow up on guest entertainment and staff performance through the HOP by iNPLASS portal.

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