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Staff Collaboration Tool for Hotels

Hotels are becoming more reliant on mobile communication than ever as they need a rapid information flow to ensure proper coordination between Front Desk, Housekeeping, Engineering & Maintenance, Concierge. Most of hotels are using some sort mobile app to communicate and stay connected with the work force. The major drawback of such mobile applications is, they are capable only to convey a message, a task or a status. These apps cannot measure the KPI’s of the employees or neither provide more insights on the day-to-day hotel operations and predictive analysis.

Why choose STAFF by iNPLASS

STAFF by iNPLASS brings innovation in interdepartmental and intradepartmental communications in the hospitality industry. This novel idea serves as collaboration tool connecting all departments in the hotel as well as the guests with hotel staff directly, who is on duty of the particular department that is assigned for the task. STAFF by iNPLASS helps hotel staff to receive any guest requests directly to them even if they’re not in their seats or not even in the hotel premises.

STAFF by iNPLASS ensures flawless distribution of guest requests to the right department and helps track the progress of the requirement. It applies escalation matrix to all such assignments and alerts the higher officials/department heads if a request is not completed in the time frame allotted. The STAFF by INPLASS App enables not just tracking, fixing loopholes but also helps manage and execute guest requests and other inter-department requests with greater efficiency and transparency. This is an appropriate tool for monitoring hotel staff productivity in all types of hotels



Hotel branded Staff Application

Available on both Android / iOS

Well defined access protocol which allows department-wise staff access

Off-site access enables staff to act upon guest requests even if they are not in the hotel.

Option to make requests on behalf of Guest

Staff Collaboration

Option to make inter/intra departmental requests related to guest

staff by inplass, staff management app for hotels

Enables to configure escalation hierarchy and process flow

Work allocation option for Managers / Supervisors so they can assign/reassign a task to team members

Generates Push Notifications to alert on requests and their progress

Chat options available with anyone who’s a registered staff.

Clean UI and user-friendly

Quick Access to Guest Request

Allocate, Monitor & Evaluate

Inter/Intra Departmental Communication

Chat, Share Files, Voice & Video

Announcement Board

Task Timeline & Escalation Matrix

staff management app for hotels


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