How it Works

how it works

One integrated platform for three industry-oriented solutions, iNPLASS promises easy navigation, hassle free communication, faster response time, among many features. They are accessible from anywhere (We would use phrases like ‘Child’s play’ or a ‘piece of cake’ to refer to the ease of use our solutions offer.

iNPLASS offers a very clear user interface, most user-friendly features and information galore on your fingertips, our apps are easy to navigate, use and get the desired result. This on top of the freedom to use your native/preferred language. Welcome to iNPLASS apps and web application.)

While digitizing hotel operations and communications, iNPLASS guarantees a superior class guest experience, boost their in-stay spending and provide a greater guest engagement; on the other hand helps to streamline the hotel operations, improve the efficiency and optimize the resources to the max.

Software as Service (SaaS)

All the hotel data on cloud ensure 24/7 availability with lowest downtime and offers to keep the data safe and secure.

Integrated Hotel Operations Platform

iNPLASS offers solution for most of the shortfalls hoteliers normally face and solve the issues guests encounter and make their stay a lot more memorable.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Our solution enables the Staff and Hotel Management to stay connected and monitor Guest request from where ever they are.

Integrate PMS / POS system

Connect hotel PMS / POS systems to iNPLASS Hotel Operations Platform

BI & Reporting Tools

Turn Data into insights with Dashboard reports and KPI's

Support & Training

iNPLASS provides onsite and online support & training for Hotel Staff

Hotel Departments Collaboration Tool

A platform connecting all the departments in the Hotel, dispatch all requests seamlessly to the right department for action. Coordinate the entire team from a single system.

Manage Guest Request

Allocate, monitor and deliver Guest request and improve the level of service offered to Guest.

Task Allocation, Escalation with Push Notifications & Alerts

Enables not just tracking, manage and execute with greater accountability and transparency. Equipped with push notifications and alerts to ensure on-time delivery of Guest request. No guest requests go unattended.

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