Like all good stories, iNPLASS’ story also sparked from creative brilliance of a group of friends, bound by business travel, equally menaced by communication inconveniences in a foreign land, and after long hours of mulling on ideas, the successful and thrilling finish. iNPLASS is the story of shaping up of a revolutionary solution to a host of communication problems the hospitality industry is fazed with.

iNPLASS is the brainchild of a group of technocrat friends who on a business trip had experienced the hassles of non-verbal communication because they spoke a different language from the staff of the hotel they were staying. 

Such was the extent of their hardships; they took it upon themselves to look for a solution. Brainstorming sessions lasted several months and they invented iNPLASS Hotel Operations Platform.

iNPLASS took a couple of years to take its initial shape. Research included all aspects of guest communication, staff trying to decipher them, management being in control of things around. The end-user’s point of view played a major role in the design and development of iNPLASS solutions for Hotels

Suggestions were not only taken from various hotel executives, but a large number of hotel guests, globetrotters and backpackers were also approached for their valuable inputs for hotel communication solutions. 

iNPLASS visualizes better outcomes and helps hotels achieve better occupancy, enhanced staff performance, increased revenue income and ultimately utmost guest satisfaction.

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