INPLASS Achievements

Showcasing Latest Achievements of iNPLASS

The Emirates Times: feature

Technology is essential to maintaining the hospitality industry’s competitiveness in today’s world. Any hotel, wants to succeed needs to use information technology, which gives them the tools they need to improve customer service and streamline operations. Founded by Rafeeque Mohamed, iNPLASS has been a revolutionary platform, with innovative key components for hotels. With modern-day solutions, iNPLASS is emerging as the next-generation hotel management solution.

Entrepreneur Mirror: feature

We recently had the opportunity to interview Rafeeque Mohamed, Founder and CEO of iNPLASS Infotech. As a visionary industry leader, Rafeeque ventured into the Hospitality industry, intending to change and introduce innovative technologies in this space.


Through iNPLASS, Rafeeque Mohamed is tackling a range of issues for a wide range of stakeholders while revolutionizing the hospitality sector. In this insightful interview, the CEO shares his story behind venturing into this industry, challenges and triumphs, the influence of technology, and how he balances the business operations.

Business Magazine UAE: Feature

In the present era, every industry is undergoing a massive transformation under the impact of technology; and the hospitality industry is not an exception in this case. With a passion for simplifying and elevating hotel operations globally, iNPLASS offers an innovative and revolutionary solution for this sector. Established by Rafeeque Mohamed, iNPLASS delivers an integrated Guest communications platform, emerging as a revolutionary global leader in this field.

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