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Like all good stories, iNPLASS’ story also sparked from creative brilliance of a group of friends, bound by business travel, equally menaced by communication inconveniences in a foreign land, and after long hours of mulling on ideas, the successful and thrilling finish. iNPLASS is the story of shaping up of a revolutionary solution to a host of communication problems the hospitality industry is fazed with.

iNPLASS Solution

Understanding the many variations and facets of the problem is the first and most crucial tactic that should be adopted when a solution is thought upon. iNPLASS did just that. Research was multi-dimensional and the subsequent result too. Instead of scripting one solution for many problems, iNPLASS designed multiple solutions for different aspects of one major problem.

hotel guest app

How it Works

One integrated platform for three industry-oriented solutions, iNPLASS promises easy navigation, hassle free communication, faster response time, among many features.

Software as Service (SaaS)

All the hotel data on cloud ensure 24/7 availability with lowest downtime and offers to keep the data safe and secure.

Integrated Hotel Operations Platform

iNPLASS offers solution for most of the shortfalls hoteliers normally face and solve the issues guests encounter and make their stay a lot more memorable.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Our solution enables the Staff and Hotel Management to stay connected and monitor Guest request from where ever they are.


Delve into firsthand accounts from our valued clients, expressing their satisfaction with our services in a formal and genuine manner.

“For the employees, what we love about this is that we don’t need to use our telephones or mobiles when it comes to contacting each department.”

Edisa Huelgas



“This application is excellent because it makes it easy for the guest to communicate with various department by choosing the language in he is fluent.”


Fathima Zahra



“We can confirm that iNPLASS is a very, very good supporting system between our guest wishes and our employees in the way they communicate with our guests.”

Jan Huepers



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