iNPLASS Got Featured in Top Business Magazine of UAE

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iNPLASS Got Featured in Top Business Magazine of UAE

In the Business Journal UAE’s latest edition, there was a light on iNPLASS, a revolutionary company that is preparing to make a huge difference in the hospitality industry. iNPLASS has distinguished itself with its creative way of running the hotel industry. Its novel approach has yielded attention from industry leaders and also the press.

Nowadays, every sector encounters a profound technological influence, and the hospitality industry is not the exception either. iNPLASS, has a mission and vision only to offer a practical and constructive solution for this sector. The solution offered is from a compact and smart software platform that is implanted in each hotel in the world. Established by Rafeeque Mohamed, the platform has now grown big to compete at the global level becoming a game-changer bringing anything related to guest communication under one roof.

Transforming the Hospitality Landscape

In this context, iNPLASS shines as a significant force effecting the reinvention of the hospitality sector according to UAE business magazine. By way of its integrated guest communications platform, iNPLASS formed a new note concerning how hotels function, offering an automated whole user experience solution that facilitates efficiency.

Simplified Operations, Elevated Experiences

The secret of success in this case is to enable minimal but progressive operations accompanied by grand and refined guest experiences. Through offering hoteliers, intuitive toolkits to manage, interact with, and serve guests, iNPLASS restores peace of mind to hotels to be able to generate more satisfied guests, thus delivering memorable experiences.

Real-Time Communication and Collaboration

iNPLASS has been noteworthy in bringing the reality of hotel staff and guest communication with each other through real-time communal and collaboration know-how. Due to its high-end functions, iNPLASS gets the reservation requests and care for them immediately, contributing to the increased loyalty to the hotels and the enhanced satisfaction.

Acknowledging Leadership and Impact of Innovation and Excellence

This feature of iNPLASS in Business Magazine UAE illustrating its enormity and superiority in the hospitality industry is a sign and proof of its innovative and excellence performance, respectively. With regard to the hoteliers’ requirements being always changing, iNPLASS has earned the title of a leader among the hotel management technology firms for offering the most all-round solution.

Looking Towards the Future

While iNPLASS, with its state-of-the-art software and its widely spread global presence, continues to contribute to the industry and its future, Business Magazine UAE recognizes it as a business that looks beyond rules and regulations by seeking development. iNPLASS aims at providing quality services and having a cooperation with customers that would remain profitable as the company confidently move on to the future.


The pages of UAE Business Magazine discuss iNPLASS, a company that conquers the market of the hotel management in UAE. iNPLASS is the only one on the market right now and it is a game changer in hotel management nowadays because of its revolutionary engines and devotion to innovation. The evolution of iNPLASS is not merely a path, but it is a journey that accompanies hotels along their way to embrace the opportunities that the progressing world offers.

The transformative power of iNPLASS which is noticed by Business Magazine UAE promised to be experienced before our very own eyes as the future of hotel management unfolded before you.

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