7 Winning Social Media Marketing Strategies for Hotels

7 Winning Social Media Marketing Strategies for Hotels

In this contemporary world, social media marketing is one of the best tools that hotels in UAE, USA, India, etc can use to connect with their target market and create exposure of its brand sounds as well as bookings through very easy platforms. To hotel owners or hospitality professionals, the understanding and consequent usage of social media marketing strategy for hotels in a viable manner is unavoidable should they desire to keep on abreast.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy for Hotels

In this section, we will provide you with best social media marketing strategies for hotels to increase your reach and improve your marketing.

These range from trendy and popular methods/tips that will help increase hotel presence on social media, audience engagement with target market, as well as increases in bookings.

Hotels can attract more guests through social media marketing for hotels if implemented properly.

1. Post Engaging Content on Social Media

The very base of successful social media marketing strategy for hotels is the creation around interesting content.

Content Ideas for Social Media Posting
  • You can offer some behind the scenes of what makes your brand more human
  • Don’t shy away from the local tourist attractions that would help place you on the map in terms of travellers wanting an immersion.
  • Put up client testimonies and reviews. Use the good experiences that other customers have had. Put them in the post stories or even special-highlight reels.
  • Happy people’s real experiences, once published to website with a 5-star creates trust and credibility that helps in the decision-making process by potential customers.
hotel social media marketing strategy
Best social media marketing strategy for hotels – Posting Content

2. Monetizing the Power of Consumer Content (CC)

One of the hidden social media marketing strategy for hotels is to leverage user-generated content to get your guest’s stories shared. Below are few ways you can achieve this –

  • Create branded hashtags and ask the guests to use them in their posts about how great it is there.
  • Place focus on the best UGC available to make posts from your official channels, transforming regular customers into brand ambassadors.
  • UGC comes from the place with the two factors of authenticity and community in your hotel.

3. Interaction with Your Audience

Engagement is one if the most valuable tip I would give in this post of best social media marketing strategies for hotels. It can also happens to the fact that social media is not only a conduit via whereby a person might wants to communicate but as well it turns out to an interactive channel.

Here are few points to consider in your social media marketing strategy for hotels while interacting with your audience:

  1. Keep a keen eye on comments, messages and mentions that are made to you.
  2. Organize surveys
  3. Ask questions
  4. Run competitions as a way of encouraging high engagement.

The higher the level of involvement with your audience, the greater is also the probability that they recall their hotel in making your future travel considerations.

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4. Facebook and Instagram Ads for Specific Social Media Targeting

When we talk about the best social media marketing for hotels, Facebook and Instagram are always on top. Facebook and Instagram paid ads can lead to forcing up in your hotel visibility.

social, social media, internet-367943.jpg
social media marketing for hotels

Targeted Marketing on Social Media

You can use developed target settings on these sites to reach particular audiences, interests and localities.

This is related to the promotion of special offers, events or even profile, highlighting unique selling points of your hotel property.

You can do this via paid ad campaigns which can bring you potential guests.

5. Strategic Timing and Consistency

Consistency and Timing are most important while framing your social media marketing strategy for hotels. Frequency has its own importance but at the same time, timing is also relevant.

Depending on the type of activity patterns you uncover when analyzing your audience’s trends, schedule content posting during times with the highest engagement.

The design of the posting itself not only creates brand awareness but allows total control on how many eyes see your content.

Be sure to monitor social media analytics to gauge the amount of success your content has. Also find the types of posts that have attracted most interest from your audience, which people are engaging with your content, and paid campaigns statistics.

Consider the following findings to improve your strategy in order that the changes are consistent.

online marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing-2037545.jpg
social media strategy for hotels

6. Influencers

Influencers can play a major role in your social media marketing game for hotels. Mostly Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube influencers are among the most powerful people.

Your hotel can work with influencers in order to gain their audience and even get positive publicity. The values of influencers should coincide with the principles that your brand stands for and really showcase who you are as a hotel.

This can add positive reviews and experiences needed to build more credibility of the website as well as capture a wider audience.

7. Understand the Hashtag Game

The utilization of appropriate hashtags and location tags is a strategic social media marketing tool for hotels that social media managers use to boost the effectiveness of posts in reaching an audience, geographically targeted.

social media marketing strategy for hotels - hashtags
Social media marketing strategy for hotels – Understand the hashtags

However, hashtags and location tags are both ideal options in your hotel social media marketing strategy for enhancing the exposure of your content.

How to choose right hashtags for your social media post?

You should take care of few things while choosing right hashtags in your hotel social media marketing strategy.

Use relevant hashtags, which are trending in order to enhance the reach of target audience.

The tags should be based on location so that local users can identify with it and the travelers who come seeking lodgings in your surroundings as well.

Regardless of the application used, when random dynamics are kept constant, hashtags uniformly render brand ownership on all applications.

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Social media marketing for hotels is not static, and this denotes the need to adopt top social media marketing strategies that could benefit your hotel.

By creating interesting content through interaction to your target audience and influencers as well as user generated contents in addition, paid advertisements; your hotel can achieve an ideal social media presence which could be attractive to the traveling needs of any traveler who might end up making a booking.

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