hop by inplass, hotel operations management platform

HOP by iNPLASS | Hospitality Operations Platform


Department wise access for hotel staff

Can add promotions and offers

Staff can view guest request and take necessary actions

Easy setup and deployment

Cloud based solution

Staff performance monitoring

Escalation matrix

Clean UI and user-friendly

Informative dashboards

Setup staff access privileges


Quick overview of guest requests

Collaboration platform for hotel staff

Hotel Operations Platform

HOP by iNPLASS, the backbone of iNPLASS solution is a cloud-based web application that integrates the GUEST by iNPLASS (guest messaging app) and STAFF by iNPLASS (hotel staff management app) in an interactive portal. It tracks the Guest requests closely and monitors progress of the service by staff. HOP by iNPLASS has built-in service scheduler to escalate pending / overdue guest requests and triggers push notifications and alerts the higher-level officials. The hotel operations app provides the hotel operations management with data to assess their staff performance and to take appropriate action. Being in the loop here helps the management ensure smooth operation of the hotel and that quality service is delivered to the Hotel Guest on-time, every time.

Why choose Hotel Operations Platform?

The hospitality sector needs to maintain minimal or zero defects in its services to achieve operational and service excellence, this involves a continuous improvement in service delivery, identifying low performance areas and tweaking for optimum output. HOP(Hospitality Operations Platform) by iNPLASS can help hotels in tracking every task in an effective and streamlined manner and ensure better guest experience and serve their customers with excellence. With access to performance data, hotels can consistently analyze their service delivery, identify areas for improvement, and implement changes for enhanced service quality.

HOP by iNPLASS can significantly enhance the operational and service excellence of hotels in the hospitality sector. Here’s a comprehensive overview of its features and benefits:

In conclusion, Hospitality Operations Platform by iNPLASS offers a wide range of features and benefits that enable 360 degree view of hotel operations to achieve operational and service excellence. From task tracking to performance assessment, the solution facilitates continuous improvement, leading to better guest experiences and overall success for the hotel.

hop by inplass web platform


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