CASE STUDY 2 : Enhancing Guest Engagement and Revenue in Hospitality with iNPLASS

Understanding the impact of iNPLASS’s promotional support solutions on increased revenue and higher efficiency.


iNPLASS is a hotel management solution that focuses on enhancing guest engagement and revenue generation in the hospitality industry. This case study highlights how iNPLASS helped a hotel partner with 200+ rooms and 3 F&B outlets, including a spa, overcome challenges related to insufficient awareness of in-house services and low revenue from in-house services.

Problems Faced

Low Revenue from Inhouse Services

Due to insufficient awareness regarding the available in-house services and the associated offers and benefits, there is a notable lack of utilisation.

Inefficient Communication

Traditional communication channels such as email and phone calls were ineffective in reaching guests directly and promoting hotel amenities and services.

Guest Engagement

The hotel struggled to engage guests during their stay, resulting in missed opportunities to upsell amenities and generate additional revenue.

iNPLASS Solutions

The platform allowed our hotel partner with 200+ rooms and 3 f&b outlets including spa and other services to send personalised notifications to guests during their stay, informing them about exclusive offers, promotions, and personalised recommendations.

The Guest by iNPLASS platform enabled hotel partners with large inventory to promote directly by offering exclusive discounts and incentives to guests, reducing reliance on website, ip tvs and increasing revenue through utilisation of inhouse services.

Guests received real-time updates on promotions, special events, dining options, and local attractions on their phone, enhancing their overall experience and increasing engagement with hotel services.


Direct promotion channels facilitated targeted marketing efforts, leading to higher uptake of amenities and services, thereby boosting revenue streams.

Enhanced Guest Satisfaction: Personalised and real-time updates improved guest engagement by providing relevant information and enhancing their overall experience.


iNPLASS’s solutions for enhancing guest engagement and revenue generation have proven effective for hotels looking to overcome challenges related to communication and revenue generation from in-house services. By providing personalized notifications and direct promotion channels, iNPLASS has helped hotels improve guest satisfaction, revenue, and overall service quality, making it a valuable tool for enhancing the guest experience.

iNPLASS offers 3 powerful solutions to manage your guests, revenue optimization, hotel operations and so much more…

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