How to Attract Business Travellers in Your Hotel

attract business travellers in hotel

How to Attract Business Travellers in Your Hotel

The business tourists market is also an ideal segment for hotels, as those guests usually need accommodations frequently and, therefore, might need extra services. Thus, hotels need to provide the needed services to meet the needs of the business travellers for them to book at their hotel. Here are seven effective strategies to make your hotel a preferred choice for business travellers.

7 Best Ways to Attract Business Travellers at Your Hotel

The following seven strategies are important to help define the policies of your hotel and provide a business-friendly environment for the guests of the hotel to feel comfortable:

1. Offer Competitive Corporate Rates

As has always been the case, price is still an important consideration especially because many business travellers have limited budgets when it come to their travel costs. Give business rate and make package with companies as manpower service to have regular business with them. Suggest establishing graduated pricing schemes related to cnts, while making sure to not only include small companies but also large enterprises.

2. Offer High Speed Internet

The most essential necessity relating to business travelling is the provision of a reliable means of browsing the internet at high speed. Make sure that your hotel has a fast operating wireless internet connection throughout the entire hotel, including the guest rooms and meeting rooms and other shared areas.

Moreover, organizing rooms with sufficient power outlets, USB, and other gadgetary facilitates such as smart TVs and charging points, to fit the needs of shy technology customers.

3. Create Functional Workspace Options

One most important factor to consider to attract business travelers at your hotel is to create functional workspace options. Many business person would require to make business telephone calls or work while on business trip in a hotel or in a facility within a hotel.

In the said type of accommodation, provide the guests with private rooms and desks, comfortable chairs, and suitable lighting. It may also be about making arrangements of opening a business center which will comprise and offer computers, printers, scanners and faxes.

Other features that will also improve clients’ experience include having spaces shared with other guests where one can work with little interference or having private areas where the guests can work undisturbed.

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4. Special Amenties

The following are some of the amenties that need to be provided;

  • Meeting and conference facilities are important for carrying out meetings and conferences that are essential in an organization.
  • Internet connection, meeting and conference rooms for people in need of office space or who need to conduct meetings during their business trip are also another plus for any hotel.

It is important that these facilities are provided with the latest available equipment for audiovisual and acoustics, comfortable and adequate furniture, and amenities provided with meals.

Another factor that could attract business travelers is if the venue offers options to book meeting rooms on the per use basis or within certain packages.

5. Smooth check-in and check-out process.

For many business travelers time is a critical factor, therefore this is why it is important not to annoy them with long procedures of check in and check out.

About check-in and check out durations, customer’s should be provided with mobile solutions to enable the processes to be conducted with less waiting time.

These are some of the ways that an organization can improve its service delivery namely; Offering of express services can be another way to improve service delivery so that guests who will be busy during the day they can check – in and check-out at any time.

How to Attract Business Travellers in Your Hotel

6. Offer rewards through cards, vouchers and other negotiable instruments such as rebates.

Business travelers always like to be rewarded. Apply if not already, the system of accumulating points for staying and redeeming them for accommodation, free room upgrades or any other service.

Also provide free benefits like free breakfast, free room upgrade, free access to executive lounge or any kind of free benefits to the customers who are the members of the loyalty program.

7. Health & Wellness Offerings

Business traveling may be sometimes tiring and people maybe in search of good times while on that trip. To boost its health and wellness offerings, the facility should incorporate the following additions:

This includes adequate fitness facilities; healthy restaurant services, need to include programs such as aerobics, and quality spas.

Offering maps of running trails in the surrounding areas or providing exercise facilities for rent in the guest room also meets the needs of health-conscious travelers.

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To attract business travellers, it is crucial to consider how best to connect with these travellers by offering them easy accessibility, comfort, and the best deal.

With cheap rates for corporate guests, reliable technologies, appropriate working spaces, and integrated services, your hotel can become the first point of choice for travel companies and business travellers.

Also, your loyalty programs, as well as your wellness amenities, should be increased to not only attract those high-value guests but also to keep them coming again and again for a continuous improvement of your revenue.

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