9 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels

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9 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels

As observed in the nature of the hospitality industry, the use of digital marketing for the selling of rooms and getting guest attention is important. A noteworthy statement for hotel businesses is that whoever applies efficient tools of internet marketing will gain a large number of views among people who might be interested in their services.

Top Digital Marketing Tips for Hotels

Here are some top digital marketing tips and strategies tailored specifically for hotels:

1. Optimize Your Hotel Website 

Primarily, your hotel webpage is your ‘shop front’ and it needs to look good, click with users, and rank well on searches (SEO). Make sure that the website responds well, loads faster and is friendly with mobile devices and provides ease in the booking process.

Provide high-quality pictures and interesting content to attract people’s attention to your property opportunities and convenient location. 

 2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is important so as to enhance the recognition of your hotel in the various results pages of the search engines.

Include terms you believe that your target guests are likely to use in their search; this can range from ‘hotels in [place]’ to ‘best hotels near [attraction]. These keywords should be used in the content of your website, meta tags, and URLs to help bring organic visitors.

Continuously write new blog posts that will be beneficial to readers covering local landmarks, exhibitions, and other recommendations will increase the site’s rank. 

3. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) 

Marketing with pay-per-click involves the use of programs such as Google AdWords, and social media platforms including Facebook Ads and even Instagram Ads to target desired demographics or coordinates. Set persuasive selling propositions and attractive graphic or visual clips to popularize your hotel, saying its special advantages (selling points).

It will also be important to scrupulously observe the campaigns over time in order to hone in on the ideal amount of money to spent on advertising and reconcile ad expenditure with the return on investment (ROI).

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Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Hotels

4. Leverage Social Media Marketing 

Thus, social media platforms are the exactly effective way to reach the potential guests, improve brand recognition and loyalty and finally follow guests directly. Have an account in popular social sites like, Face book, instagram, twitter, and linked page.

Post great graphics, images, videos, photo tours and word of mouth testimonials of the guests you host.

As you commented, it is very important that there is a proper interaction with the followers by replying to the comments, messages, and reviews on feedback. Employ them for a combination of advertising that is focused on certain groups of people in order to advertise special offers or events. 

5. Create Compelling Content

Content marketing is used to build credibility of hotels, drive organic traffic, and target the consumers during their decision-making process. It is essential to create a content plan with blog entries, articles, infographics, and videos on local attractions, seasonal promotions, travels’ tips, and the hotel’s features.

Post pictures and messages of the guests’ and their experiences, post content that is exclusive evidence of the high standards of your venue, and post tips and tricks on how to make guests’ experience the best. 

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Best Digital Marketing tips for Hotels

6. Maximize Features of Social Proof and ORM 

Fashionable travelling portal helps a lot in importing decisions by letting customers to read other travellers’ opinions on the specific hotel or sightseeing place. Involve customers with good experiences to give their testimonies in social review sites such as, Trip Advisor, Google reviews and websites of OTA’s.

Ensure to professionally and promptly respond to customers’ reviews, whether negative or positive to show your concern as a business. Supervise the online perception regarding the hotel as well as ensure that any issue that may be raised by the guest is dealt with. 

7. Implement Email Marketing Campaigns 

Email remains as one of the most used techniques in marketing and can be used to follow up with the previous guests, advertise special offers among others. Collect the guest and booker contact information based on the website, and the booking engine.

It is necessary to divide the guest list according to their preferences and actions to send them newsletters, different offers, and unique discounts. This can be done by choosing better subject line for the mail and selecting better graphical templates to increase the open rate and usage rate. 

8. Offer Direct Booking Incentives 

Provide guests more compelling reasons to book directly through your hotel website such as first-time discounts and offers, free services for choosing this outlets over the others, the option of a free upgrade and membership in the special loyalty programs. Emphasize on free cancellation, lowest price promising and other such offerings that comes with direct booking.

Put call-to-action buttons on your website and in advertisements to get people to make a call to action. 

9. Screen and Assess the Performance Indicators 

Track ripple effects involving web traffic, conversion rate, source of bookings and returns on investment on various digital marketing efforts.

Guest feedback, analysis of the website traffic through services like Google Analytics, social media metrics and information that hotel management software can provide should help in this case.

Integrate analysis findings of marketing activities to adapt your approaches to the marketing domain and successfully implement the marketing plans for the hotel to meet its business goals. 


Digital marketing is fundamental for the hotels that aim to reach and convert transformational consumers in today’s environment. With the tips and techniques of website optimization, SEO and PPC advertising, social media utilization, content creation, review management, email marketing, direct booking incentives, and performance measurement, the hotel can move up its search engine ranking status for a more online exposure results and a guest booking loyalty.

It is recommended to adapt to these trends as a competitive advantage and successfully increase revenues in the rapidly developing hospitality sector. 

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