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iNPLASS’ automated Mobile Check-In/check-out system helps hotel guests and hotel management to avoid long queue at the front desk during the check-in & check-out peak hours. With the integration to the hotel PMS and HSI, processes of check-in and WiFi access become very easy.

Most hotel guests look forward to trouble-free access to their rooms after a longhaul flight, a tiring journey, or a hectic business travel. They are desperate to change into casuals, dip in the pool or hit the bed at the earliest. iNPLASS’ mobile check-in facility helps them in heaps by providing the luxury of avoiding queues and crowds at the front-desk. It offers a contactless experience and helps them check-in and check-out using the GUESTbyiNPLASS app in no time. Guests can bypass long queues at reception and safely reach their allocated room and take rest. Room Access at the finger tips!


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