What is the Importance of Housekeeping in Hotels?

importance of Housekeeping in Hotels

What is the Importance of Housekeeping in Hotels?

Cleansing is another vital aspect of a hotel, which has a probability of influencing guests’ perception as well as corporate performance metrics. Housekeeping is one of the most vital functions in the hospitality industry especially in the hotel business as guests expectations require a clean, safe and comfortable environment. Here’s an in-depth look at why housekeeping is so important in hotels.

Importance of Housekeeping in Hotels

1. Ensuring Cleanliness and Hygiene

Hygiene is one of the major determinants that make or mar a client’s stay. Ccleaing personnel are privileged to ensure that the rooms occupied by guests and the other general areas of the hotel are kept very clean at all times. Every guest wants to be in a clean place and performing the cleaning task frequently helps to meet this demand apart from sanitation, which is very important due to the COVID-19 virus. A clean hotel is one that manages to meet the Consumers’ expectations and also ensure compliance with infection control measures in order to avoid outbreaks of diseases.

2. Enhancing Guest Satisfaction

The cleanliness and tidiness of a guest’s room determines their perception of the hotel in equal measure. Cleanliness of the rooms, clean bed sheets, hygiene wash rooms and proper arrangement of the utilities are good impressions. As cleaning personnel, extra efforts are sometimes made to for instance, arrange guest’s clothes tidily, or writing a good note to the guest which goes along way in building a loyalty among the guests. It is stated that positive attitudes from the guests satisfy the hotel management through good comments and customer revisit which determines the success of the hotel.

3. Maintaining Property Standards

Accommodation providers aim at providing quality and classy services and housekeeping is part of this. Keeping up the clean of the property and sometimes doing heavy cleaning is effective in keeping the furniture, fixtures as well as décor in good condition. This not only make the enduring of the hotel’s assets but also maintain the brand image and reputation of the hotel. One of the benchmarks of respectable housekeeping standards is consistency, which will be appealing to the crowd that is very selective.

4. Operational Efficiency

Housekeeping activities are very vital in the running of any hotel and therefore proper functioning of these operations is of paramount importance. As custodians of the rooms, the housekeeping sub herein is credited with the responsibility of making sure that turnaround time of the rooms is pretty effective so as to be prepared for the next customers. There is good interaction with other departments, for instance the front desk and maintenance, all these leads to efficient working. Housekeeping also has a part in inventory because they are the those who monitor all the supplies and make sure that everything is restocked and arranged properly.

5. Safety and Security

They are normally the ones who observe and sometimes initially respond to any safety and security threats that may arise in hotels. They know how to recognize hazards in the work environment, for instance; a slippery floor due to a wet area, a poorly maintained equipment etc. they are supposed to take a picture of the hazard and notify the maintenance team to fix the issue. Also, housekeeping staff also ensure compliance with restraint measures as they keep an eye on all the guests that are granted access into the identified guest’s rooms as well as areas within the hotel premises.

6. Supporting Sustainability Initiatives

Today, it is possible to speak about numerous hotels that pay much attention to sustainable development and environmental protection. In the same regard, housekeeping can assist in these efforts through practices such as eliminating the use of toxic cleaning chemicals, saving water and energy, as well as being involved in recycling. Including environmental conservation measures, housekeeping contributes to the decrease of hotel impact on the environment and increases the chances of attracting tourists on such grounds.

7. Improving the Quality of the Service to the Guests

Housekeeping also plays a role of creating environment and enhancing customers’ perception towards the premise. Concerns that might include proper placement of the amenities, restocking of consumable products and the general hospitality provided for the climate of the room all contribute to the improvement of the guest’s experience. Employees working in the housekeeping department are usually responsible for cleaning the rooms and knocking on the doors for refresh stock, etc., so they are directly can interact with guest and have a direct influence on the opinions that guest has about the hotel.


This paper aims to establish that housekeeping in practically every hotel goes beyond mere cleaning and is a critical component of hotel operations. It creates confidence in guests that they are accommodated in clean and comfortable facilities that are safe and such matters make guests loyal. This paper will look at the significance of housekeeping in the overall functioning and management of any hotel since it represents a central aspect of the organization. So, one can clearly understand that the role of housekeeping in the hotel industry cannot be overestimated as it plays one of the leading roles in creating a guests’ experience.

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